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Has the lock on your upvc window broken so you can't open / lock the window? Have the hinges on your UPVC window been damaged making difficult or impossible to open or close the window? We can repair the window locking mechanisms, hinges, and handles  on all types of UPVC double glazed windows, including windows fitted with tilt before turn (also known as tilt and turn) mechanisms. 

UPVC windows

Usually UPVC windows are thought of as being 'maintenance free' as they do not require painting etc. However they can suffer from problems which will periodically require attention in order for the window to function correctly. The locks can become stiff and difficult to operate or the hinges may become damaged making the window difficult or even impossible to open or close. 

Window lock mechanisms

If you cannot open your UPVC window then we can open it and repair the lock, this is much cheaper than replacing the window. If the handles, or hinges on your windows are damaged or difficult to operate we can replace them and make your window's operation as smooth as when they were new. 

We can also supply window restrictors that prevent children from opening windows far enough to fall out of them. We can supply ones that are concealed within the frame meaning you do not have unsightly boxes and cables on the window and frame. 

As locksmiths we would recommended that key operated locks are fitted to all windows, this is also the advice from the police and insurance companies. 

We cover all of Castleford and the surrounding area, so please call us if you need any of these services in Castleford. 

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