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UPVC door lock repairs

UPVC door lock jammed, can't open your UPVC door or can't lock your UPVC door? Doctor Lock Locksmiths repair UPVC and composite door locks in Castleford. If the handles on your door will not move down to open the door or the handles are just spinning around then the lock mechanism has broken. UPVC, composite, and some timber doors are fitted with locks called multipoint locks. These locks are fitted with a variety of different locking points, some of the most common are shown below.

roller locking point
mushroom locking point
hook locking point
deadbolt locking point





UPVC door lock parts

UPVC Door Lock Parts 

Over time UPVC door locks can wear out and become difficult to operate or even stop working altogether. If the mechanism on your UPVC door lock has broken we can open it without damaging the door. We can usually repair the lock mechanism, if this is not possible we can fit a replacement lock mechanism even if your's is obsolete, or we can upgrade it to a modern high security version. Many homes in Castleford have early multipoint locks which only have rollers fitted. These are not very secure and should be replaced with modern equivalents which have hooks, deadbolts or mushrooms. If you require any advice about your UPVC or composite door lock in Castleford then please call us for free advice.  

General UPVC door repairs

Doctor Lock Locksmiths provide a range of repair services for UPVC / composite doors throughout  Castleford. Usually UPVC / composite doors are thought of as being 'maintenance free' as they do not require painting etc. However they can suffer from problems which will periodically require attention in order for the door to function correctly. The doors can 'drop' over time causing them to become difficult to open and close, and making the locking mechanism difficult to operate. An early indication of this problem is when the handles become stiff when being lifted up to lock the door. As this service does not usually use any materials it is also inexpensive, and can save a considerable amount of money in the long term.

Burglary repairs

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been burgled then we can fit replacement handles, locks etc and also usually repair the damage done to the door itself. We also supply and fit a range of door furniture such as letterboxes, door knockers, door viewers, door chains, numerals etc. We can also supply and fit anti snap locks to make your home or business more secure.

We cover all of Castleford and the surrounding area, so if you need a UPVC / composite door repaired or a UPVC door lock in Castleford then give us a call.  

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